About Us

Between one vacation rental homeowner and another there is a quiet level of understanding that comes with the territory. Harry and Miriam Forster, proud condo owners of multiple condos in PCB for over 15 years.


After using the services of a large property management company, Harry and Miriam, found themselves very dissatisfied with the assistance they were receiving. “Getting $40.00 invoices in the mail for a request to have a light bulb replaced seemed very steep, knowing the relative insignificant cost of light bulb and the amount of effort it takes to actually change one, I was shocked,” says Harry Forster. These detailed charges and others were deteriorating their profit margin. This was not their idea of a success. “We thought it would be a better idea if property management companies offered a flat fee based on a yearly subscription instead of commission based,” says Miriam Forster.


In fact, it wasn’t very long before Harry and Miriam decided they needed to take matters into their own hands, and in December of 2006, determined to provide a greater service and achieve a greater return on their investments, Harry and Miriam Forster moved to Panama City Beach and established Four Star Condo Services. Ultimately, Harry and Miriam put together an extraordinary program that saved the vacationer money, provided a professional level of service, and yielded an obvious return on their investment. Harry and Miriam turned to friends, also suffering from their own property management blues, and presented the idea of managing their vacation condos for an annual flat fee.


It wasn’t long before Harry and Miriam were servicing 20 owners and managing 28 condos throughout Panama City Beach. In 2008 the company booked up to 97% capacity during prime season. Harry and Miriam are excited about the growth of the company, and with the 2009 launch of their new website they looked forward to providing this level of service to new clients.


After 15 years, Four Star Condo Services continues offering their guest a better rental value inturn creating a return customer and their owners a greater net revenue and ultimately greater return on investment. A family owned and operated Flat Fee, No Commission, Full-Service Property management company that trudges forward to the rallying cry of “We Manage… you enjoy!”


If you are seeking property management please call our office at 850-248-7857 #1. We will be happy to speak with you.